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Zürich EM2008 "Bateria quem é"

Originally a group of players played along from various samba groups in Franconia and had fun together. This association developed into a solid group with a large number of players.

In April 2005 Albert Fuchs had a dream about playing on the "Bambergian Sandkerwa" with a mixed crew of sambistas from different baterias, just with anyone that liked to join him. Many took part and were proud of belonging to this special group. The name of the gang "Bateria quem e ?" comes from theour origin meaning "Wich group are you part of? Who are you?" It became a selfrunning projekt,Polen EM 2012 so finally it is a durable continuous bateria.
More and more drummers joined under the headcoach Albert Fuchs. That's how this samba group developed with enthusiatic rhythm and temper, therefore we contain so many of our audience. Even though the motto of Albert "anyone is wellcome to play along" can't be garanteed to 100 procent the group is still interested in new players. All in all the group exists of around 70 active players, other than that we could not manage the frequence of gigs. To the constant basic crew of "drummfreaks" we have different members joining off and on, so there is almost no performance with the exact same crew. Our drummers come from Würzburg, Schweinfurt, Hassfurt, Bamberg, Coburg, Erlangen and Nürnberg.
We play the brasilian rhythms as Samba-Batucada and Samba-Reggae. Performing them at big events of any kind. By now we had some gigs at the fanarea at the football world championship in 2006 in Nürnberg, at the european football championship in 2008 in Zürich, in Pesaro (Italy) in 2008, at the Zürich Caliente Festival 2009, in Austria at the Adventure Night in Serfaus, at the Zuri-Fäscht in Zurich in 2010, at the Samba Festival in Luxembourg in 2010, at the Fiesta Latina in Schaan / Liechtenstein, 2010 at the Carnival in Salvador de Bahia / Brazil 2011 at the Samba Festival in Coburg, at the Bamberger Sandkerwa, at the European Football Championship 2012 in Wrocław(Breslau)/Poland, beim Karneval in Köln 2013 and....
But we are also asked for smaller events as weddings, birthday surprises, carneval fests, summer parties, village feasts and more....just let us know.

Köln Karneval 2013