Here you can stop and restart the music!
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Do you want to risk 15 or more sambistas showing up at your private event that can be heared from far far away?

Your so wellknown and good situated guests might be animated to jump up and down in rhythm and enthusiasm dancing and clapping their hands. Your neighbours might just show upp uninvited. Glasses might break apart. TALKING IS IMPOSSIBLE !!!

Well...just teaseing...maybe we don't excellerate that much. But there is no garanties!!! You got a slight idea what might happen now. Still want to book us?

Then go ahead and contact us and give us the details for the performance!

We are joyfully waiting for you !!!!!
We attend weddings, mascarade events like carneval, summer festivities, village feasts, street festivals and we are also asked for attending sport activities as rhythmic auxiliary.

Surely a group of 15 or more sambistas needs a little space, though we do not need any time for setting up, or sound cheques. nore stage or music box. WE ARE LOUD ENOUGH!!!!

We enjoy direkt audience contact, no need the be up on a stage. The spark of enthusiasm reaches you better when we are playing close as possible to you. And -certainly- when the "masses" go along, moving and clapping their hands in rhythm or even start dancing, that encourages us even more. That goes right back to the spectators....

If wanted, we can also arrange contact with samba dancers that adorn our musicals act with dancing.